Monday, September 29, 2008

fall bounty

Yesterday morning we ventured out to a local farmer's market in search of some fresh fall produce. The most eye-catching acquisition was the giant stalk of brussels sprouts. I'm not sure how I imagined them growing before (like little cabbages?) but I think the stalk is quite fantastic.

The bounty: young carrots, radishes, apples, butterscotch mellon and, of course, the brussels sprouts. Arriving at home, the sprouts were transformed, with the help of Vegancomicon, into cornmeal-masala roasted deliciousness. Over at the Dinner Guest Blog, the sprouts got a less than stellar review: "the cornmeal crust stays too undercooked and hurtfully crunchy... Another thing: the crust uses six tablespoons of oil. That’s much too much fat and calories." Okay, while the second point is valid, the first point can be remedied by using a finer grind of cornmeal - I found them deliciously crispy on the outside, warm and tender on the inside, and pleasantly spiced.

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