Tuesday, December 16, 2008

made: yo-yo! jewellery!

I just discovered that making your own jewellery (aside: why are there two spellings of this word, both of which look incorrect?) is very economical. This has resulted in joy at knowing that I will be able to create my own custom designs and a little bit of shock at the mark-up on simple earrings.

My current interest in jewellery design nicely aligns with my limited ability to fiddle with metal bits. Instead of working with beads, I've decided to create pieces using textiles. My first couple are made using "yo-yos" but I have more ambitious plans to create a very miniature red and white quilt and turn it into a necklace. Yay!

made: kasha pie in a box

Can I start by saying I really like this? KASHA PIE in a box is one of my Christmas presents for my dad. Inside are three of the more exotic ingredients required to make the pie (and just for clarification, I am talking about a meal pie, not a dessert pie). It contains: umeboshi vinegar, kasha (toasted buckwheat), dark buckwheat flour and a hand-written copy of the recipe.

The character on the box is a happy kasha grain. It's similar to a drawing of a perogie I did for my dad's birthday present. I can't help it, it amuses me terribly.

the stockings were hung...

Voila the stockings.

After my boyfriend and I decided to exchange stockings this year for Christmas I went out and purchased two from Winners. They were cute. They were relatively inexpensive ($15 each). But I was still unemployed so my nagging conscience pushed me back onto the bus so I could return them to the store.

My replacement stockings are made from a thrifted wool sweater so now they are completely inexpensive ($3 each).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008